Posing Asthma Away with Yoga – Top Positions for Quick Relief

Yoga postures have been known to help improve the mind and body and there’s great evidence that it can also help with asthma. If you understand how Yoga works and what happens during an Asthma attack, then you’ll understand the whole process.


What is Asthma?

It’s a chronic condition marked with acute exacerbations that can be quite uncomfortable for many people. Sometimes it can turn deadly if the obstruction stays for a longer period of time. Asthma is characterized by the following:

  • Spasm of the airways
  • Excessive production of mucus
  • Shortness of breath
  • Use of accessory muscles to breath
  • Anxiety
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing

Asthma attacks are triggered by a lot of things depending on the person. These are common triggers that you have to watch out for.

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Cold weather/air
  • Getting wet with cold water
  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Offensive smells
  • Chemical vapors

The list can go on. Treatment is symptomatic. Asthma can’t be cured, and doctors will help you manage the symptoms. One way to help alleviate and prevent future asthma attacks is through yoga

Disclaimer: This article does not suggest that you quit any form of asthma therapy and medication abruptly. Yoga is an adjunct solution that will work well with the current treatment of the condition.

How to Use Yoga to Help with your Asthma

Yoga is a powerful practice of using posture and channeling inner energy in ways that will improve the body. It’s not just to strengthen the mind and body, it can also be used to help manage certain conditions such as Asthma. These are the many ways the practice can be used to manage any future attacks with proper yoga.

Yoga Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the triggers of Asthma. Any type of emotional stress, mental stress and more can trigger a spasm so easily. By practicing Yoga, you can clear your mind and make sure that are stronger than stress. By lowering and managing stress levels, you can cut attacks by almost half and even lower the length of time they occur.

Yoga Improves Breathing

One of the great benefits of Yoga is the slow but powerful breathing pattern. It can help with the following:

  • Strengthen your diaphragm that will allow you to take in and expel more air
  • Help stretch and enlarge your airways, so any attack will last shorter or won’t affect you as much
  • Improve tissue perfusion so your body won’t starve immediately when oxygen is reduced due to an attack
  • A normal and practiced breathing pattern can help during an attack so you won’t drive yourself into a cycle of increasing stress

Know Your Yoga Instructor

While we encourage you to incorporate Yoga into managing Asthma, it’s also important for you to learn more about yoga instructors and their qualifications. There are fake instructors the same way there are fake medicines. The wrong position and technique can do more harm than good. Thankfully, there are international, national and local communities that help certify Yoga. Learn and practice with only someone who is certified.

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Never Feel Threatened by Asthma Anymore with These Yoga Poses for Better Breathing

With the focus on breathing that yoga has, everyone who has had experience with it will surely say its benefits include reducing the symptoms of asthma. And indeed many kinds of research have been done to establish the connection between these two. There is the number of evidence that show some yoga poses for better breathing are quite effective.

Let us find out what these are and practice it in our lives so we will never feel worried and manage ourselves when asthma strikes again.

Yoga Poses and Its Effect on Asthma

Can yoga help with asthma? While there is no concrete answer to this question, many who practice yoga and exercise their inhalation and exhalation techniques, do find relief for their airway problems. But more specifically, this question can be answered by the results of recent studies done to find out what benefits yoga has to asthma patients.

  • There is moderate evidence that yoga improves the overall quality of life in people with asthma.
  • Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence that to prove that yoga can improve lung function and reduce the need for medication.
  • However, there are certain yoga poses, such as the “pranayama”, that helps release suppressed emotion, reduce anxiety and self-consciousness, and relax muscle tension. All these can help asthma patients breathe better.
  • Meditation is also known to help people with asthma improve their airways and respiratory muscles.

All these results somehow show how yoga affects people with asthma. While there is no significant evidence showing how yoga reduces the incidence of the condition. The need for medications, management of it can be achieved with certain yoga poses.

And how do you do yoga for asthma? Specifically, the pranayama pose?

  • Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath. Some of the poses in this practice include the natural breath, the sahita pranayama, and the bhramari.
  • With the natural breath, you simply breathe in and notice thoughts as they arise. Then, you breathe out and notice thoughts as they dissipate.
  • The sahita pranayama lets you practice holding your breath until you settle into stillness. But not to the point of discomfort.
  • The bhramari, on the other hand, creates homeostasis of the mind and body by inhaling. Through the nostrils and exhaling while producing the buzzing sound of the bee.

These are just a few practices in yoga that can help you achieve better breathing.

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