What Happened When I Bought My Cats A Self Cleaning Litterbox

I hate cleaning the cat box. When we got the cat my son swore that he would take care of the cat and scoop the litter box. But you know how that goes. He never did end up taking care of the cat. I took care of the cat. And then he came home with another cat. So then I was taking care of two cats. Eventually after the third cat came along I decided I would splurge on one of those self-cleaning litterboxes so that I wouldn’t have to scoop cat boxes anymore. Well I spent $200 on a top of the line self-cleaning cat litterbox for our cats and this is what happened:



When I brought the box home and set it up I left the litterboxes the way they were in case the cats didn’t want to use the new litterbox because I didn’t want them going on the floor. One cat cautiously entered the self-cleaning litterbox through the top entry. The litterbox started cleaning up after him while he was still going. He was panicked by the noise that the cleaning mechanism made even though it said it was a quiet mechanism. So he jumped out of the box, still pooping, and ran down the entire upstairs hallway trailing poop. I was convinced that I just had wasted $200 and made more work for myself.

After I spend an hour cleaning up the hallway and shampooing the rugs I went to check the litterbox again. Cat number two jumped in the box and used it. Once again the noise started but this cat wasn’t startled by the noise. Cat number two sauntered out of the box without a care in the world and the box clicked to life and raked through the box cleaning it out.

Over the next two days I kept a close watch on all the boxes. I never saw cat number three use the self cleaning box. Not once. Cat number two took to it right away and has used it with no problems ever since. Cat number one sometimes uses it but still prefers the regular boxes with regular scooping litter. So I spent $200 on a spare litter box that only one cat uses and I still have to scoop out litter boxes every day.

Less Expensive

In the end I think that pets, like kids, just aren’t predictable and their personalities and experiences will determine if they like the things they are supposed to like or not. I don’t know why only one of my cats uses the self cleaning box that I paid a lot of money for. But hopefully the other two will learn to use it someday. I won’t get rid of it because I’m stubborn and I’m not going to throw away that kind of money. But if I had it to do over again I definitely would have bought a less expensive self cleaning box or just stuck to the regular boxes with regular clumping litter.

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Get Your Kids In A Healthy Tech Routine Before School Starts

School is just around the corner and that means that now is the time for parents to start getting their kids back into a healthy routine when it comes to using technology. Many kids spend the summer using tablets like an iPad, reading on a Kindle, or playing video games all day. Children need to cut back on technology before going back to school and that can be a big adjustment. Think about how you often you use your phone. How many times have you checked it today, even when you’re at work? When they’re in school they won’t be able to check their devices for email, texts, and social media. Many schools won’t allow kids to have their phones or to have them turned on. 

It’s almost time for back to school.

How To Cut Back On Kids Using Tech

The best way to get your kids used to having their technology less during the school year is to start now. This way you can prevent them from using adult oriented spy apps like Best Cell Phone Spy Apps in class. Make up a schedule of when kids are allowed to use their tech toys. Each week shave an hour or two off the total time that they are allowed to have their technology. That way you are gradually decreasing the time that they’re allowed to be on their technology and by the time that school starts they won’t mind not having it with them all day. They will be able to focus on school and learning the way that they should.

Children get distracted by technology.

Parents Should Cut Down Too

Parents should cut down their phone usage so they can inspire their children to do the same. Kids will model the behavior they see in you. Instead of reaching for your phone after dinner suggests going for a family walk to the park. Or get everyone in the living room and watch a movie. Try spending more time with your kids and less time on technology and your kids will start spending less time using technology as well. Especially with all the cyberbullying occurring online.

instrumental bands

Three of the Best Instrumental Bands

We all crave instrumental bands to get through the work days, the long car rides, or just to fall asleep. But finding good and relaxing bands can be difficult. You can go searching around the internet for hours looking for the right instrumental band. I don’t want you to waste your precious time so keep reading below. 

Well look no further, here are 3 amazing bands to check out to fill all of your music only needs. On this list you will find themes of ambiance, 80’s nostalgia, post-rock, swirling guitars, and synth-heavy beats. If that sounds like it is up your alley, you have come to the right place. No Taylor Swift hair nonsense here. 

instrumental bands
Microphone For Singing


Hammock is a duo of artists based out Nashville, TN. Their music consists of ambient atmospheric orchestral pieces, combined with piano, electronic beats, and droning guitar. Since 2005, they have released over 10 full-length albums. Most of it has been on their own record label, Hammock Music. Some have described it as music to lose yourself to complete, like floating in a backyard swimming pool. So, for those days when you really need to relax, let loose and crave a soundtrack for this mood, Hammock’s music will most certainly for you.


FM-84 is pretty fresh onto the music scene but has made quite the entrance. They have been met with fast success and a big fan base. FM-84 consists of one-man Colin Bennett, originally from Scotland. Anyone with an appreciation for electronic music will enjoy this project. His music can be described as synth wave, meets 1980’s nostalgia and add a dose of sunny California skies. So, for the summer nights soon ahead of us, look no further than FM-84 to fill your cars, house parties, and poolside hangouts. Just do a public background check before taking any dates. 

instrumental bands
Playing The Drums

Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in The Sky is the most well-known, and probably the most respected. While relaxing and almost purely instrumental, their songs can take a hard post-rock twist. Still pleasing to the ear, but definitely better fit for a rainy day or a night time road trip. Hailing from Texas, Explosions first really came onto the scene in 2000 with their first record, “How Strange innocence” and have since made over 7 albums, 2016’s “The Wilderness” is the most recent.

The band received huge recognition with their tunes being the soundtrack for the hit tv drama Friday Night Lights, as well as being a huge part of the music for the blockbuster The Lone Survivor. With quite a long list of music under their belts, they are one of the most admired bands instrumental bands. If you enjoyed this check out my last article about cyberbullying on Valentine’s Day