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Get Your Kids In A Healthy Tech Routine Before School Starts

School is just around the corner and that means that now is the time for parents to start getting their kids back into a healthy routine when it comes to using technology. Many kids spend the summer using tablets like an iPad, reading on a Kindle, or playing video games all day. Children need to cut back on technology before going back to school and that can be a big adjustment. Think about how you often you use your phone. How many times have you checked it today, even when you’re at work? When they’re in school they won’t be able to check their devices for email, texts, and social media. Many schools won’t allow kids to have their phones or to have them turned on. 

It’s almost time for back to school.

How To Cut Back On Kids Using Tech

The best way to get your kids used to having their technology less during the school year is to start now. This way you can prevent them from using adult oriented spy apps like Best Cell Phone Spy Apps in class. Make up a schedule of when kids are allowed to use their tech toys. Each week shave an hour or two off the total time that they are allowed to have their technology. That way you are gradually decreasing the time that they’re allowed to be on their technology and by the time that school starts they won’t mind not having it with them all day. They will be able to focus on school and learning the way that they should.

Children get distracted by technology.

Parents Should Cut Down Too

Parents should cut down their phone usage so they can inspire their children to do the same. Kids will model the behavior they see in you. Instead of reaching for your phone after dinner suggests going for a family walk to the park. Or get everyone in the living room and watch a movie. Try spending more time with your kids and less time on technology and your kids will start spending less time using technology as well. Especially with all the cyberbullying occurring online.