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David Crowder Band's released many amazing albums.
Here are some of the best albums by David Crowder Band.

The Best David Crowder Band Albums

David Crowder Band, a 6-piece Christian Rock band from Waco, Texas, has been one the biggest influences on contemporary Christian music. With 9 studio records and dozens of world tours, it was truly one of the best Christian acts the world will ever see. Here’s a brief overview of the best David Crowder Band albums.

All I Can Say

This album is often assumed to be their first record, but it’s actually their second. It was much more successful than their first release, “Pour Over Me.” Hitting the scene in 1998, this album completely changed Christian music. It sounds very different from most of their later albums, but it still has the band’s DNA. With songs full of joy, honest words, and great imagery, it’s a stunning followup to their first album. It’s also arguably their most laid back, stripped down, and acoustic work. The best songs include “I Will Not Be Silent,” “All I Can Say,” and “I Lift My Eyes.”

A Collison or (3+4=7)

Contemporary Christian music was influenced by David Crowder Band.
David Crowder Band had a huge impact on Christian music.

This is David Crowder Band’s 4th studio album and it’s absolutely stunning, from beginning to end. Exploring themes of life after death, life before death, and Jesus being who he said he was, it’s up there with the group’s best work. It has simple songs with deep meanings, like “Come and Listen” and “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die.” Plus, “The Lark Ascending” interviews Crowder on an old orchestral piece of the same title that’s written by Ralph Vaughn Williams OM. The album also has some classic David Crowder Band upbeat jams such as “Here is Our King,” “I Saw the Light,” and “You are My Joy.”

Give Us Rest

For their 6th and final studio album, David Crowder Band pulled all the stops. With 2 discs and 14 tracks, it’s a polished record from beginning to end. It also gives fans of all generations exactly what they want. “Give Us Rest” includes upbeat dance tracks, worship songs, and even some hoedown numbers. It’s a big and flashy album that’s still authentic, through and through. Some would argue the best part of the album is the last three songs, which are live recordings of old, classic gospel hymns.


Undoubtedly, David Crowder Band will go down in history as one of the biggest and best acts in Christian music. They definitely deserve that title. If you’re interested in listening to them, check out these three albums! You can find them all on Spotify.