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Bullies take advantage of Valentine's Day to mislead, lie to and bully other kids on social media. Using a text spy can mitigate the damage that bullies create to a kid's self-esteem.

Parents Beware Of Valentine’s Day Related Cyberbullying with a Text Spy

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day celebrating love and friendship. But every year some cruel people use it as a chance to bully others. Bullies take advantage of the tradition of a secret admirer to mislead, lie to and bully other kids on social media. Using a text spy can mitigate the damage that bullies create to a kid’s self-esteem.

Bullies use the latest electronics and message your child pretending to be a secret admirer, or your child’s crush, or an old friend and then may use that account to harass, bully or humiliate your child online. It’s the digital version of asking someone out on a dare just to embarrass them.

Valentine’s Day is when these bullies strike because they know that people are more emotionally vulnerable. So what can you do to keep your child from experiencing Valentine’s Day bullying? Here are some tips:

Don’t Accept Any New Friend Requests

As Valentine’s Day gets closer don’t allow your child to accept any suspicious new friend requests or add requests. If someone is targeting your child for some Valentine’s Day bullying not accepting their friend request is a good way to prevent your child from seeing the bullying. It doesn’t mean that the person won’t post embarrassing or bullying messages about your child but it does make it more likely that your child won’t give them any messages or information that can be used be against them.

Go Dark For Valentine’s Day

If your child is already being bullied and you’re worried the attacks will ramp up around Valentine’s Day, consider pulling your child’s social media accounts offline until Valentine’s Day has passed. Most social media platforms allow you to pull the account down or deactivate it for a short period of time without losing the handle or any of the information tied to the account. A text spy can check if he’s receiving unwanted text messages. Once things have settled down and gone back to normal your child can reactivate the accounts.

Warn Your Child About Selfies

The excitement of Valentine’s Day may make your child forget the rules about inappropriate selfies or photos. Your child might think that one sexy selfie couldn’t hurt or that the person they’re talking to would never share private photos. But it’s very possible that the person will share the photos and use them to bully your child.

Besides using a text spy, also talk to your child again about what is appropriate and what isn’t when it comes to taking selfies. Make sure that you are monitoring all the photos your child is taking and sending. If your child really wants to have a great selfie for Valentine’s Day offer to take the photo for them. That way you can be sure that the photo is appropriate enough to be shared. It might seem overly cautious, but when it comes to kids, photos and the Internet you can’t be too careful.

My husband's gift to me was a Fitbit for Christmas.

Getting A FitBit For Christmas Changed My Life

A few years ago, my husband bought me a Fitbit for Christmas. At first, I was a little irritated because I hadn’t asked for a Fitbit. I assumed that my husband was making some kind of snide commentary on my recent weight gain. I wasn’t too happy about gaining weight, either, but it wasn’t too much of a priority for me. That’s because I was busy teaching my classes and doing a cell phone lookup to contact my students outside of class. My husband’s gift was in a small box, so I was half-expecting some nice jewelry, but instead I got a Fitbit for Christmas.

Why I Changed My Mind

Once I started reading about all the different metrics that a Fitbit tracks, I was kind of excited to try it. I put it on and started tracking. At first, I was stunned to discover that I wasn’t nearly as active as I thought I was. I thought that running around doing errands, teaching my yoga classes, getting a hold of my students with a cell phone lookup service, and doing other chores meant I racked up some pretty good mileage each day. But actually, I was about half as active as I thought.

I took every opportunity to increase my steps.
My Fitbit encouraged me to do more walking whenever I could.

So I started setting goals to increase my steps each day. My Fitbit gave me instant feedback, so I was motivated to be more active. Instead of lying down on the couch for an hour when I got home, I started walking around the house. I walked in place while I was cooking dinner to get my steps up, too. Eventually, I went for walks around the neighborhood after my husband got home.

My Progress

By the end of the first month after getting a Fitbit for Christmas, I had increased my daily activity by almost half. Seeing how much better I looked and knowing how much better I felt because I was more active, I tried to double that for the next month.

Another thing I discovered was that nearly everyone I knew also had a Fitbit. After finding out each others’ numbers with a cell phone lookup service, we started a challenge to do more steps. I began setting an alarm to remind me to walk if I sat for more than half an hour. I decided I wanted to try a 5K, so I put that goal into my Fibit. Within six months, I had doubled my exercise activity each day and walked 5K’s regularly. I lost that extra weight and started gaining more muscle.

Even though I was disappointed at first that my husband gave me a Fitbit for Christmas, it changed my life in so many ways. Now I’m the same weight I was when my husband and I got married ten years ago. Plus, my whole family now likes to go for walks and participate in charity 5Ks with me. Not only do I love the way I look, but I love that I feel fit and healthy.

Save money on your next electronic purchase, as well as a cell phone spy app, with these helpful tips.

How to Keep from Paying Full Price for Electronics

One of the most annoying things for someone that enjoys consumer electronics is paying full price for their favorite items. If you’re a fitness guru like myself, you’re probably taking advantage of the benefits of electronics such as the Fitbit, Apple Watch, and the numerous fitness smartphone apps. Or, perhaps you just need a cell phone to keep track of your child with a cell phone spy app, but you don’t want to pay full price. Whether it’s a camera or video recording device, a TV, or maybe a video game console, lots of people get stuck paying the retail price without realizing that there are better options. Instead, they need to learn that there are better ways to buy electronics.

Don’t Go to a Retail Store

One of the best ways to save money on electronics is knowing what not to do. Unless it’s Black Friday, going to a retail store isn’t the best option. Many people have been paying full price for years and are just now realizing how expensive it is. Retail stores that sell electronics like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are going to jack up the prices so that consumers have to pay as much as possible. Purchasing a phone secondhand or brand new online can help you save money, letting you easily load it with a cell phone spy and make sure your child is safe.

Check Sites Like Groupon

The first step of finding great deals on electronics is checking sites like Groupon. This is going to be the quickest way to see what deals are out there. The app called RetailMeNot is also good for this. Many shoppers have discovered that coupons aren’t just for their grandparents. These days, there are coupons for all sorts of electronics and other things out there. Whether someone is looking for a new tablet, laptop, or television, they can find great deals on electronics through these sites. Groupon even has an app that makes finding coupons more convenient and user-friendly.

Shop on Amazon

Amazon has competitive prices on MacBooks.
You can get a great deal on a MacBook on Amazon.

If you’ve never heard of Amazon, then you may have been living in the desert for the past decade. It’s quickly become the world’s most successful online vendor. They sell just about everything, but one of the most popular things that people purchase on Amazon are electronics. The online superstore sells 4K TVs, MacBooks, iPhones, and just about everything under the sun. The good news is that if someone is an Amazon Prime member, they’re also going to get free 2-day shipping on anything that’s eligible. This includes most of the site’s name-brand items. Shopping on Amazon is the new alternative to going to the mall and wasting money at retail stores. Be smart and save your hard-earned money.

Get on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most popular sites for finding people who are selling things in person. There are other apps that do this, but Craigslist still seems to be the most popular. The big advantage it is that there is no shipping cost, and you are able to get what you pay for right away. You just have to meet up with someone in person. However, Craigslist is not the safest option. Keeping track of a family member with a cell phone spy program can give you peace of mind if they’re meeting with a stranger from the Internet.

Any of these options are great for someone who wants to purchase electronics for cheap. Save yourself a dollar or two and stop shopping at retail stores. Go online!