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How Does Parental Monitoring Software Keep Your Child Away From The Harm of The Internet?

Monitoring your child is the foremost duty of a parent to keep your children safe online from cyber threats. And parents should take time to explain to the kids about the importance of safety while exploring the online world. This means constant communication and quality monitoring software that will help monitor their activities like Auto Forward offers basic features with quality and you need like remote monitoring feature, SMS retrieval, blocking inappropriate sites and more.

Children are more involved on the internet. They have been more active that they seem to have a better understanding on smartphones and tablets than their parents nowadays. And although the internet is the best resource available for us, the fact still remains that the Parental monitoring software is no doubt a good way to protect our children from the extreme danger of the internet.

Check Text Messages

With this feature, you can read the conversation of your child with other people.

It is now easy to check the text messages from your children’s device, whether it is incoming or outgoing.

Visited Sites

Although we want our children to enjoy and learn from the internet, we also want our children to be free from inappropriate sites. As parents, we need to establish online boundaries for your family. It’s important to choose a quality parental monitoring software that can block sites that promote drugs or alcohol, sex sells guns, anything that advocates illegal activity or promote violence and hate.

GPS Tracker

Once the location services is enabled, this feature provides geolocation, visual graphs, and statistics regarding the device. You don’t have to keep on guessing where your child is.

There are many apps for parents to monitor their kids from protecting your child’s online safety. Make sure to choose the right parental monitoring software that can help you monitor your kid’s activities and see whom they interact with, block them from viewing inappropriate websites, and even help them understand boundaries while preventing them from viewing adult content. Visit Auto Forward to know more about parental monitoring.

This is The Best Parental Monitoring Software for iPhone Users

When you need parental phone monitoring software for iPhones, you need something that can be easily installed and is user-friendly enough for beginners. After all, the iPhone was designed to “just work”, and it really shouldn’t take advanced techie skills to download and install an app like this. A monitoring app that parents will be using should not just be a one-trick pony, but also contain enough features to allow them to closely monitor their children.

Now that you know what you should be looking for, let me introduce you to an excellent app that was specifically designed for parental monitoring on mobile phones. It’s the Auto Forward mobile monitoring app, and it’s available for both the iPhone and Android phones. Both versions have similar features, but one of the neat things that set the iPhone version apart is that you can easily install it if you already know the Apple ID and password of the target phone.


So let’s talk about the features of Auto Forward. The makers of this parental monitoring software designed this app so that you can install it on all iPhone and iPad versions. Just purchase the app, follow the step-by-step instructions you’ll be receiving in your email, and you can start using the app in less than a minute.

  • Viewing text messages – You can now read the text messages and even iMessages that were sent or received by your child on their iPhone or iPad. This feature works perfectly even for those messages that were recently deleted.
  • Photos and videos – You will be able to see all the photos and videos that were sent or received by your child’s iPhone or iPad. This is particularly useful for parents who are worried about their child being exposed to explicit and inappropriate images.
  • Social media content – You will be able to see all the messages and content that your child has posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and other social media platforms.
  • GPS location tracking – This feature is especially important for parents who need to make sure that their child is in a safe location or where he/she is supposed to be. Auto Forward uses Google Maps to display the real-time GPS location which is regularly updated in intervals.
  • Browser history – As you would expect, there are already hundreds of websites existing online that should never be visited by children. As a parent, you can now see which websites your child usually visits and how often. You can even get active links and snapshots of the sites.
  • Access to installed apps – Auto Forward allows parents to see all the apps that are installed on the child’s iPhone or iPad and even lets them block the installation of specific apps they don’t want their child to have on their device.
  • Phone calls – Parents will also be able to see details of all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device’s logs. The information will include all phone numbers involved in the call, the contact names, and the date and time of the call.

Auto Forward is designed to be the best parental monitoring software for the iPhone. It doesn’t require physical access and doesn’t even need the device to be jailbroken for you to install it. Visit https://auto-forward.com/ to see how it can help you monitor and protect your kids.

Do Parental iPad Monitoring Software Differ From StalkerWare?

Parental monitoring software for iPhone and iPad are so similar to stalkerware that the line between them is almost always blurred. When we hear or think of the word safe and acceptable monitoring app, what really comes to mind? Is there a way for parents to download a reliable and legitimate phone monitoring app without accidentally getting a stalkerware marketed as a parental monitoring software? Read on and find out.

So what does a parental monitoring app actually do? How is it different from the things that we call stalkerware (creepy!)? Does it have weaknesses that can be exploited by other people who have more knowledge with these applications? Because of so much being unknown to the uninitiated, some have actually recommended to just stay away from these apps. I think the people who say that are misinformed.

Parents are Digitally Challenged and Need Help.

We see that many parents are confused by many of the software available for their use. Their children may be better at technology than they are but if they hand over the reins of the software meant to monitor the children to the supposed targets, then it defeats the purpose. Teens and pre-teens are being subjected daily to inappropriate, violent or pornographic content, cyber-bullying and online predators. It is the parents’ job to take care of their kids while they are online and they need help, a lot of help.

Isn’t a Monitoring App Just a Stalker’s Tool?

It is a very resounding no! Let me explain. Parental monitoring software and stalkerware are their users’ other set of eyes, essentially seeing the same thing due to the fact that their features are almost the same as well. But the way they are used are vastly different.

To give an example, most stalkerware and powerful monitoring software, such as Auto Forward Spy, can look at call logs of the target device and can also barge in and listen to a live call. But the stalkerware is used in a malicious way, obtaining information from the target individual without that person’s knowledge and consent. Same thing when these two types of apps receive reports of the target phone’s activities in social media apps and other websites. The stalkerware’s user may use that to have more information regarding his target in order to approach her without getting the target suspicious. The parent, on the other hand, will use what is on the report to make sure that the kid is not bullied or harassed or targeted by a predator.

Final Thoughts?

The main difference between the two types of apps, since we have established that they share very similar features, is the way and the reason why they are used by their users. Stalkerware is used in malicious gathering of information without the knowledge and consent of the target, while powerful monitoring apps like Auto Forward Spy are used to keep children safe from dangerous content and people that they may encounter while they are on their phone and on the internet.

Auto Forward Spy helps parents keep their children safe by giving them access to most of the features and apps of the target iPhone. It has an easy to navigate and use interface and you only need to pay a one-time fee to own the lifetime license. Visit our website https://auto-forward.com/ right now to learn more!