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My husband's gift to me was a Fitbit for Christmas.
I didn't think I'd like it, but I love that my husband got me a Fitbit for Christmas.

Getting A FitBit For Christmas Changed My Life

A few years ago, my husband bought me a Fitbit for Christmas. At first, I was a little irritated because I hadn’t asked for a Fitbit. I assumed that my husband was making some kind of snide commentary on my recent weight gain. I wasn’t too happy about gaining weight, either, but it wasn’t too much of a priority for me. That’s because I was busy teaching my classes and doing a cell phone lookup to contact my students outside of class. My husband’s gift was in a small box, so I was half-expecting some nice jewelry, but instead I got a Fitbit for Christmas.

Why I Changed My Mind

Once I started reading about all the different metrics that a Fitbit tracks, I was kind of excited to try it. I put it on and started tracking. At first, I was stunned to discover that I wasn’t nearly as active as I thought I was. I thought that running around doing errands, teaching my yoga classes, getting a hold of my students with a cell phone lookup service, and doing other chores meant I racked up some pretty good mileage each day. But actually, I was about half as active as I thought.

I took every opportunity to increase my steps.
My Fitbit encouraged me to do more walking whenever I could.

So I started setting goals to increase my steps each day. My Fitbit gave me instant feedback, so I was motivated to be more active. Instead of lying down on the couch for an hour when I got home, I started walking around the house. I walked in place while I was cooking dinner to get my steps up, too. Eventually, I went for walks around the neighborhood after my husband got home.

My Progress

By the end of the first month after getting a Fitbit for Christmas, I had increased my daily activity by almost half. Seeing how much better I looked and knowing how much better I felt because I was more active, I tried to double that for the next month.

Another thing I discovered was that nearly everyone I knew also had a Fitbit. After finding out each others’ numbers with a cell phone lookup service, we started a challenge to do more steps. I began setting an alarm to remind me to walk if I sat for more than half an hour. I decided I wanted to try a 5K, so I put that goal into my Fibit. Within six months, I had doubled my exercise activity each day and walked 5K’s regularly. I lost that extra weight and started gaining more muscle.

Even though I was disappointed at first that my husband gave me a Fitbit for Christmas, it changed my life in so many ways. Now I’m the same weight I was when my husband and I got married ten years ago. Plus, my whole family now likes to go for walks and participate in charity 5Ks with me. Not only do I love the way I look, but I love that I feel fit and healthy.