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Do Parental iPad Monitoring Software Differ From StalkerWare?

Parental monitoring software for iPhone and iPad are so similar to stalkerware that the line between them is almost always blurred. When we hear or think of the word safe and acceptable monitoring app, what really comes to mind? Is there a way for parents to download a reliable and legitimate phone monitoring app without accidentally getting a stalkerware marketed as a parental monitoring software? Read on and find out.

So what does a parental monitoring app actually do? How is it different from the things that we call stalkerware (creepy!)? Does it have weaknesses that can be exploited by other people who have more knowledge with these applications? Because of so much being unknown to the uninitiated, some have actually recommended to just stay away from these apps. I think the people who say that are misinformed.

Parents are Digitally Challenged and Need Help.

We see that many parents are confused by many of the software available for their use. Their children may be better at technology than they are but if they hand over the reins of the software meant to monitor the children to the supposed targets, then it defeats the purpose. Teens and pre-teens are being subjected daily to inappropriate, violent or pornographic content, cyber-bullying and online predators. It is the parents’ job to take care of their kids while they are online and they need help, a lot of help.

Isn’t a Monitoring App Just a Stalker’s Tool?

It is a very resounding no! Let me explain. Parental monitoring software and stalkerware are their users’ other set of eyes, essentially seeing the same thing due to the fact that their features are almost the same as well. But the way they are used are vastly different.

To give an example, most stalkerware and powerful monitoring software, such as Auto Forward Spy, can look at call logs of the target device and can also barge in and listen to a live call. But the stalkerware is used in a malicious way, obtaining information from the target individual without that person’s knowledge and consent. Same thing when these two types of apps receive reports of the target phone’s activities in social media apps and other websites. The stalkerware’s user may use that to have more information regarding his target in order to approach her without getting the target suspicious. The parent, on the other hand, will use what is on the report to make sure that the kid is not bullied or harassed or targeted by a predator.

Final Thoughts?

The main difference between the two types of apps, since we have established that they share very similar features, is the way and the reason why they are used by their users. Stalkerware is used in malicious gathering of information without the knowledge and consent of the target, while powerful monitoring apps like Auto Forward Spy are used to keep children safe from dangerous content and people that they may encounter while they are on their phone and on the internet.

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