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Stay motivated by listening to music during your workout.

The Best Songs of 2017 for Your Workout

There are few things out there that compliment someone better than asking the name of the song they just put on. Many people have a great taste in music and are able to stay up-to-date on the latest hits. Other people may love music, but have trouble keep up with all of the new songs coming out. I tend to fall in the second category.

You see, I prefer country and singer-songwriter music. Although these are my favorite genres, they’re not really great for exercising. They’re a little too soft and calm. That’s why I realized that I need to widen my music taste and find some tunes to help me “get in the zone.” Here are a few trending songs that have been a part of my workout routines lately. Best of all, they can all be found on Spotify, which can easily be downloaded on almost any smartphone. That means you can easily listen to music while using a fitness app on your phone.


Drake’s newest album, More Life: A Playlist By October Firm, is fantastic. Passionfruit is the third song on this 2017 release. This song has a hip-hop beat, but it’s also a little bluesy, almost like a John Mayer song. It’s ridiculously catchy, too. There isn’t a lot going on lyric-wise, but it’s okay because the song is just so dang catchy. This one is great for cardio and group workouts where people can talk without the music being too loud.


The Chainsmokers have burst onto the music scene recently, and Closer is one of their biggest hits. The catchiest part is definitely the chorus. Honestly, I find the lyrics a little corny, but it’s undeniable that the song gets stuck in your head. It’s a great song to turn to when you find yourself about to work out and unsure of what music to play.

Chained to the Rhythm

Another great tune out right now is Chained to the Rhythm by Katy Perry. It’s one that’s well-suited for cardio, especially low-impact workouts. It’s a little low-key as well, so it could even work for yoga. Plus, the lyrics leave some food for thought.

It’s not always easy to pick out a playlist for the gym. Playing these songs will definitely help you stay energized, though. It’s okay to have an eccentric taste in music – just remember to keep playing upbeat tunes to guide you through your workout.